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We understand that people are the most vital asset that our clients manage, which is why we focus on structuring M&A transactions to provide the optimal outcome in the company’s corporate culture as well as their financial results. We believe the greatest success is realized by aligning leadership, investment strategy, growth initiatives, and both short-term and long-term objectives.

For each sell-side engagement, our experienced deal team completes an exhaustive financial analysis to pinpoint the firm’s pre-transaction value. We perform the analysis from multiple perspectives simultaneously while incorporating the latest and most sophisticated valuation techniques, industry and market metrics, and other key data inputs.

Overall, our experienced investment bankers work as your trusted partners in negotiating and structuring a transaction to meet your precise needs. We know that realizing the highest transactional value involves a strategy that rewards goal achievement and skillfully assists management in structuring earn-outs and other types of forward-looking compensation triggers. This includes cash-vs.-stock considerations and mechanisms that allow our clients to participate in the future growth of a firm.


Sell-Side Advisory Process at Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital, recognized for its commitment to integrity and excellence in investment banking, offers a comprehensive sell-side advisory service. This service is particularly tailored for business owners planning to exit their businesses within the next 3-5 years. The following is an educational overview of the process, emphasizing the importance of each step in the journey of selling a business.


Understanding the Sell-Side Advisory Process

Madison Street Capital’s approach to sell-side advisory is rooted in a deep understanding of corporate finance. The firm’s process is designed to align with the specific objectives of business owners, ensuring that each transaction maximizes the value of their business. This involves a careful matching of businesses with suitable buyers and the structuring of deals that reflect each client’s unique situation.


Steps that Business Owners Should Take for a Successful Sale

The journey to sell a business requires planning and strategic actions. Here are the initial steps to set business owners on the right path:

  • Clarifying Objectives: It’s crucial for business owners to clearly define their reasons for selling. This clarity helps in formulating a strategic exit plan that aligns with their personal and financial goals.
  • Financial Preparation: Accurate and current financial records are essential. This transparency is not only a key factor in building trust with potential buyers but also plays a critical role in the business valuation process.
  • Business Valuation: Determining the market value of a business is a complex but essential step. Investment bankers employ a comprehensive approach to valuation, considering various factors to ensure an accurate and fair assessment of the business’s worth.


How Long Does It Take to Sell A Business?

When selling a business, it’s critical to have every aspect of the operation running smoothly and efficiently. From financial records to customer relations, potential buyers will scrutinize every detail. Therefore, preparing for this process well in advance and understanding the dynamics of the market can significantly reduce the time it takes to close a deal and ensures that business owner’s receive the maximum value. 

The timeline for selling a business varies, typically ranges from six months to two years. Factors influencing this duration include the nature of the business, market conditions, and how well-prepared the business is for sale. 


Business Owners Should Be Proactive 

For business owners, proactive involvement can significantly impact the success of the sale. Here are some steps business owners should take:

  • Improving Business Appeal: Making the business attractive to potential buyers is essential. This may involve optimizing operations, resolving any legal issues, and enhancing the physical appearance of the business. Never assume a new owner will want to make renovations or do it themselves. It’s essential to stay up to date so business owners can get value out of the sale. 
  • Assembling a Team of Experts: Collaborating with professionals like accountants, lawyers, and investment bankers is crucial. Their expertise is invaluable in navigating the complexities of the sale process. 
  • Maintaining Business Performance: Keeping the business running efficiently during the sale process is important. A well-managed and successful business is more appealing to buyers. It’s also crucial to eliminate any surprises for potential buyers. Problems should be addressed and solved before selling a business. 
  • Being Flexible and Realistic: A successful sale often involves negotiation. Business owners should be prepared to be flexible and realistic in their expectations and approach to the sale. That’s why it’s essential to lean on a team of experts when navigating this complex process. 

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How Can Madison Street Capital's Experienced Team Help You

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