How Long Does it Really Take to Sell a Business?

By the time most business owners engage an investment bank to sell their business, they are eager to move onto their next venture. Selling a business demands precision, though, especially when owners must evaluate multiple offers and weigh whether those offers align...
Why a Wealth Advisor is Critical to Any M&A Transaction

Why a Wealth Advisor is Critical to Any M&A Transaction

Retirement is the most common reason owners in the lower middle market exit their businesses. Yet many of these owners have given little thought to what comes next, or even to when they will retire. A wealth advisor is critical to these mergers and acquisitions. They...
Does More Time to Prepare Mean a Higher Sale Price?

Does More Time to Prepare Mean a Higher Sale Price?

Investment banks commonly encounter two types of clients with radically different approaches to M&A. The first is a client who decides to sell on a whim, with little preparation, who wants everything to be as fast and profitable as possible. The second plods...
How Advisory Firms Generate M&A Value

How Advisory Firms Generate M&A Value

Owners planning a sale, IPO, or merger would be well-advised to get comprehensive sell-side support from an investment bank. But often, the owners who stand to benefit the most from such advice—those in the lower and middle markets—are also the most reluctant to seek...

When Should Owners Consider Walking Away From an M&A Deal?

Mergers and acquisitions provide fertile ground for growth and can be highly beneficial to both buyers and sellers. Too often, though, the parties buy into the sunk cost fallacy, causing them to continue to invest in a deal that is doomed not to realize its promised...

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